Who We Are?

Our Mission

Founded in the vibrant city of Kolkata, India, in the year 2017, Tirupati EXIM commenced an extraordinary voyage into the realm of exports, supply, and trade, under the visionary guidance of Mr. Ramesh Kumar Jaiswal, the esteemed proprietor. This venture has emerged as a prominent force in the global market, specializing in a diverse array of tungsten-related commodities.

Among its exceptional offerings are products such as Ammonium Paratungstate (APT), Tungsten Concentrate, Tungsten Oxides, and an assortment of Tungsten Carbide materials including scrap and tools. Additionally, the company crafts Tungsten Carbide Rods, delves into High-Speed Steel (HSS) scrap, and excels in the realm of Super Alloys. Cobalt-based and Nickel-based alloys, exemplified by fsx 414 and hast X, are also an integral part of the company’s expertise, further solidifying its distinct niche.


Extraordinary Experiences

Venturing into the expansive domain of exports, Tirupati EXIM proudly showcases an impressive portfolio. This includes an assortment of HSS Rounds, a repertoire of High-Temperature Alloys, and the expertise in crafting H13 Round & flat bars as well as D2 Round & flat bars. Delving even deeper into its capabilities, the company has earned accolades for its manufacturing prowess in crafting specialized DTH Hammer and Bit. These precision-engineered tools are meticulously designed to cater specifically to the demands of water well drilling, mining, and blasting operations.

However, the company’s influence doesn’t stop there. It extends into the trading sphere, offering an extensive array of products. This diverse collection encompasses Tricone Bits, PDC & Button Bits, Drifter Rods, Shank adapters, Coupling sleeves, SDA rods & Nuts, Hydraulic Breakers/Hammers, Rock drill Machines, Air compressors, Hydraulic Drifters, Drilling Rods, and Bentonite.

Our Core Values

In a strategic move towards diversification, Tirupati EXIM has also ventured into importing operations. The company procures alloy steel scrap, including coveted varieties such as H13, D2, and HSS Scrap, along with Ni, Mo, V, and Co-based scrap. Additionally, they engage in the import of Copper electric motors, starters, compressors, and alternators scrap, earmarked for copper processing. This expansion is further highlighted by the company’s import of Defective usable tungsten carbide tips and drill bits scrap, which come with attached Tungsten for subsequent tungsten extraction processes.

The company’s global reach is undeniably vast, boasting robust trade relations with a multitude of nations. It has fostered strong ties with countries spanning Asia, Europe, the USA, Canada, South America, and the Middle East. This extensive network has contributed significantly to the company’s journey thus far, promising an ever-unfolding success story that hinges on Tirupati EXIM’s unwavering commitment to excellence

Furthermore, Tirupati EXIM proudly holds the distinction of being a valued member of the Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI), further underscoring its commitment to industry collaboration, best practices, and sustainable approaches within the realm of material recycling. This affiliation adds a layer of credibility to the company’s endeavors and reinforces its role as a responsible and forward-thinking player in the global market.